We have a few select areas we need to enable windows file and print
sharing. Since doing this users have complained that when their systems
are rebooted or they are left on for an extended period of time (i.e.; over
night) access to the shared files and printers is lost.

Further investigation reveals that each time a share is configured on the
windows site it is lost when the system is rebooted and one must go through
the process of sharing out the directory/file again.

We noticed one time that logging into the system workstation only retained
the settings. This had us thinking the problem was on the Novell side as
all the Windows fixes did nothing to resolve the problem.

I removed the Workstation Managment feature on the Zenworks Client and this
resolved the issue. I'm wondering though, if there is a better fix than
removing this feature. As far as I know there are no policies set, or
there have not been any policies set for a few years. The accounts we are
working with have never had any policies applied and these systems were put
into place long after the zen policies were discontinued.