I made a post below, which Jared was able to solve by suggesting the latest
zenworks 6.5 sp2. However not everything is working as it should. While
our issue with the bluescreen upon logging into Novell has been fixed. Now
I'm seeing a issue with duplicate profiles showing up. Their in the format
of User-Computername.000, .001 etc. Basically we've used roaming profiles
with zenworks for a while and we fixed this issue a while ago I think with
4.83 on our network and it had not been a problem since then. Now with XP
SP2 it seems to be back. Currently my windows XP sp2 test machine has the
jan 15th? 2006 4.91 SP2 release along with zenworks 6.5 SP2. Certainly
there must be some type of fix for this. After having hundreds of students
login over the course of a week this would quickly turn into a nightmare.
I've tested back with earlier versions of the novell client and so far all
on XP SP2 have had this issue testing. Ideas?

Jon Barnes
Richmond County Public Schools