I am encountering a problem with the zenworks multiple redirector in that it is causing a slow down on my workstations. We have XP workstations with zen 6.5 agent with service pack 1. These workstations have a mixture of novell client 4.91 to 4.91 sp2. We have a accounting application which points to a windows server 2003 box. When these workstations attempt to open up the accounting application they experience about a 45 second delay. If they then close the application and open it again there is no delay. However if the workstation is restarted or the application is not accessed for about 20 minutes then the delay happens again. From what I have read this is because the zenworks multiple re-director is trying to find the server where the unc path is pointing. Is there anyway of speeding up this process or eliminating the delay entirely. If I remove the zenworks agent from the workstations the problem goes away.