Hey all!
i have a big problem at one of my customers 150 users...
im running XP SP2 with latest nwclient and latest zenagent, 6.5 sp2
i want to specify a certain user that is on the local PC with the "policy/dynamic local user/", when i do this and try all diffrent combinations it works but it also remove the account afterward. I WANT TO KEEP THE ACCOUNT. becose all settings get lost in the process...
how do i fix it so that all users that login on pc uses the same local account without login in twice like when u dont run policy?????

all my users login here and there, depending of what project they work with.
and when a new user comes to the PC he/she gets the wrong profile(a new profile is created becose a new user appears on workstation).
and all settings are lost for him.

any input is greatful//Regards LGV