ZFD 6.5 SP2.
I'm attempting to perform a WS import over a VPN connection. Firewall is
sitting between VPN concentrator and Zen servers. Agent only install on a
W2K client.
I've created a middle tier box. My plan is for all Zen traffic to go via
the FW to the mid tier box.Then from mid-tier to ZenWorks server.

A WS running Zwsreg behaves as follows: (Cant sniff the VPN traffic, but
this is derived from the FW logs)
1. Does a dns lookup (presumably trys to resolve zenwsimport even though
its in the local host file)
2. Passes some http traffic to the midtier server, which is preconfigured
3. Attempts to contact Zenworks server on port 8039 which is fw blocked.
At this point I reckon its resolved zenwsimport via our internal DNS and
now wants to talk non http traffic to the zen server not the mid-tier
4. Eventially times out with error 12029 or 12007.

Any Ideas ?