I am running Zen 6.5 SP1b on the server and client. I have group
policies setup with a Windows Update policy enabled so that the clients
go to a local server to get their updates. All of the computers are
taking the policy except 1 Windows XP machine.

(I tried this per Novell): I cleared the group policy on the machine by
renaming the ZENGRPPOL.DLL under Program Files\Novell\Zenworks and
deleting the Group Policy folder under Windows\System32. Then I rebooted
the computer, logged in, renamed ZENGRPPOL.DLL back, rebooted a 2nd
time. The Group Policy folder gets re-created and all of my other
policies seem to be working.

I'm using Novell Client 4.90 SP2 by the way, I'll try to upgrade the
client but this doesn't make much sense, if all of my other policies are

This Windows update policy was working at 1 time. It's the policy
regarding "Specify a Windows update server" under Computer Config, Admin
Templates, Windows Updates. and you give it a name like this
http://susserver. That's assuming your web server that's serving the
updates is using port 80. I changed that port to 8530 and I updated the
policy to reflect the change... i.e. http://susserver:8530

All my other machines are taking it and liking it.... :)
I also noticed that when I try to remote control this particular
workstation, it disconnects me every few minutes. Not sure if it has
anything to do with my other problem but I thought I'd mention it.