Bsaunders <> wrote:

> But here is a little back ground on what I am doing. I have an app object set
> the import server ip in the reg and set ziswin to enables so that it runs on
> next login. all of that works fine the workstaion boots up runs ziswin and
> trys to import the the server that I set. But for some reason it imports twice
> and that breaks my object. It should not break the object but it does and I
> have no idea why. There is nothing in the object that tells it to import twice
> so that is why I think it has something to do with the server. I think the
> server is trying to pull 2 policys but I have no idea how to make it stop
> pulling 2 if it is.

ok... zwiswin doesn't has to do anything with it..

could you enable logging on the wks and post the logs?


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