When I try to run the AgentDistributor.exe for Zen 6.5 either on the
Zenworks server or locally I get "Remote Agent has encountered a problem.
AppName: AgentDistributor.exe AppVer: ModName: Netapi32.dll ModVer:
5.1.2600.2180 offset: 00019d34"

This occurs after entering in valid domain admin username & password
against a valid domain and clicking on the OK button using a valid
workstation that is an admin of the domain. I have tried this on other
admin PC's and we get the same problem.

Has anyone seen their copy of AgentDistributor be corrupt. We are thinking
about upgrading to Zen 7.0 as we don't have a full deployment of 6.5 and
was wondering if anyone had this problem but it went away in 7.0.