create dedicated partition:
server: SRV2.testorg.main hold Master Replic this partition
and have not any other partitions.....
- in the OU=testorg install NW6.5 license.
- create user policy:
- include user:
to this politic.
(enable DLU)

From the WS (XP+nw4.91_sp2) can log as : cn=ztest.ou=testorg.o=main and
local profile automate created. OK.
After this do:
- down channel between server srv2 and other servers in the TREE,
- remove previsiol created user profile on the WS
- reboot WS and DLU - not WORK !! NOT CREATED local profile...

Only if UP LINK between sever SRV2 and other servers in the TREE DLU will
be work (profile will be created)...
Why this ???