Not sure if this is the right group for this but I'm almost at the end of my tether on this one.

We're a school with about 550 computers on a Netware 6.5 networking running Zenworks for Desktops 6.5. There are lots of computer suites and each suite has its own printer. The printers are set up on NDPS and because the kids can log in to any computer in any room the printers are installed on the workstation images as they can't be associated with the users.

We use a mandatory profile to give the kids the same desktop icons with the same settings and start menu etc.

We recently purchased a site license of Macromedia Studio, part of this is Flash Paper which installs a local print driver which allows the conversionof files into pdf's.

I had to rebuild the profile from scratch because flash paper would reinstall its print driver every time an office application was opened because of the way it integrates itself into office. Thats now fixed.

The problem that we have now is that flash paper is always the default printer. I've tried pretty much everything I can think of - the furthest I've got with it is that the room image I do with the roaming profile has the proper ndps printer set as default but none of the other ones do. Is there an easy way to force an ndps printer down as the default printer bearing in mind it would be on a workstation basis rather than a user basis.

Hope someone can help,