Deep Freeze is a product that basically takes a snapshot of all settings on
your pc. When changes (software installs, registry changes, etc.) are made
to the pc, upon the reboot those changes are discarded and returned to its
original settings that was taken from the snapshot. Here is my question:

Can this be done through Zenworks without having to purchase Deep Freeze?
Basically, is there a way (with utilizing Zenworks) to "freeze" the system
settings so that changes made by the user cannot be made permanent? I've
looked in the documentation, and I only saw how to restrict changes (such
as desktop settings, etc.) through group policies. We're already and
extensively using group policies through Zen. Someone also already
suggested using Zen Imaging to "re-image" pc's to their original state. We
don't want to use that path.

If it can't be done through Zen 6.5, can it be done in Zen 7?

John Ferrer