I am currently in the process of migrating our desktop from a Novell only
environment to an Active Directory Environment. (sucks I know)

Workstations running WinXP SP2, ZFD 6.5 SP2 Agent running via Middle
Tier - work great !

While we are migrating our file services over to MS, I still need to have
the novell client installed on some workstations. I have done this, but
turned off "Initial Novell Login" so the primary auth is MS AD and they
login secondary to the novell client by choice if they need to access
historical data.

Intermittantly, the workstation helper drops off (mostly after a reboot)
and wont re-connect. Tried "Work Online" & refreshing etc.

If I then go and heal the ZEN 6.5 Agent install from Add/Rem progs and
reboot, it magically starts working again.

Has anyone seen this prob or attempted what I am attempting before ?

I found this TID ->10098540 which looks like it could be the prob,
however, the fact that you are required to call Novell engineering, I
thought it would try here first.