A quick question regarding how the local workstation user (SAM) password
is kept synchronized with the user's NDS password.

Our workstations are XP, with 4.91 SP2. We're using ZFD 6.5 SP2 hosted on
a NetWare 6.5 server. Users are configured as non-volatile DLUs. Local
(XP) passwords are set to never expire.

We also use NetVision's "Synchronicity" to synchronize our users GroupWise
and Windows 2000/2003 server user accounts password with their NDS
password. All of our Windows 2000/2003 servers are "workgroup" servers
(no AD).

We're required to allow users to "roam" from workstation to workstation -
as part of their job functions.

We were concerned with the local workstation passwords, on multiple
machines, becoming out of synch over time. As an example, user logs into
workstation "A" - which creates a new user account via DLU.

User then logs into workstation "B" - again creates a local user account
via DLU - NDS password expires - user changes password - Synchronicity
does it's magic and "synch's" the users GW and Windows server accounts.

User then logs back into workstation "A" using his new NDS password -
which should be different than the local (SAM) password for his existing
DLU created account. I had expected the user to get prompted by Windows
for his local user password - as they wouldn't match. Interestingly, this
doesn't happen.

What we've found in testing, is that if we tried logging in the user
as "workstation only" in this scenario - the local user password was still
at the previous password. However, after logging in normally, then logging
back in as "workstation only" - the local password matches the new NDS
password (as if by magic).

This doesn't appear to be tied to "Synchronicity" - but appears to be a
function of the DLU. We had thought we'd end up having to use
a "volatile" DLU to insure the local password always matched the users NDS

Is what we are seeing "normal" for non-volatile DLU accounts?