Recently upgraded from ZfD3.2/NWC490SP2 to ZfD7/NWC491SP2/ZfDAgent
dated 8/8/2005.

We have 4 levels of policy ranging from Standard to Advanced, plus
Helpdesk which basically unlocks the PC during Remote Control for IS
Support Personnel without a reboot.

Prior to upgrade, we could change a User's policy by associating the
new policy with the User Object in C1 and then refresh the user's
Scheduler to receive the new policy, which we would then Run manually.
This doesn't work with ZfD7!! The change of Policy only appears in the
Scheduler after a reboot....a Refresh continues to show the previous

Is this the way ZfD7 works now or is there a problem?

ZENPOL32.DLL is dated 01/08/05 v7.0.0.0.

Thanks for any assistance in advance.