We have Zen 6.5, Zen 6.5 SP1 agent on XP SP1 workstations. GP's were
working fine everywhere.

Then we needed to upgrade all our workstations to SAV10. We had to use
Symantec's nonav9x - which deletes a bunch of stuff from the registry
because we couldn't uninstall symantec 8.1 from add/remove. Ever since
the 8.1 uninstall / 10 install each branch that has been upgraded has been
having intermittent GP problems.

The same user can sign onto the same computer for days and 1 out of 3 days
the GP's don't apply. If you run WMSCHED and force run the GP, the GP
goes into affect immediately.
I have done the long way - delete all GP folders on the pc, and delete
HKLM\software\novell\workstation manager\group policies\user, then reboot
twice. This seems to fix it temporarily too, but i am still having repeat
offender workstations.

Any ideas?