I am getting ready to install the Zen 65 agent to our remote users. They have a different setup where the windows profile is a generic profile and it is the same for all remote users. We want to keep this working this way. So with zen4 agent, I installed with HKLM-Novell-software-nwgina-passivemode - set to 1. This way they have a windows login with the generic name and then they get a second login box for the middletier so they can login as themselves.

When testing this in the field I am finding that when the machine is set to passivemode = 1 the windows login goes great but the zenagent login is not able to authenicate.

If passive mode is set to 0 = zenagent logins in fine but it creates a profile specifically for the end user. That is a problem, they have to use the generic profile.

The middletier is 4.0ir5 running on a NW6 server.

How can I install the 6.5 agent, let the user login to windows as remoteuser, get a second box to login to middletier as themselves?

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