We've got two lab environments, one with 30 machines and the other with 12 machines, in the same school and it's been reported that when a full lab of students logs in and then tries to surf the internet, they are unable to. After hearing about the issue, I remoted into one of the affected machines, logged in as a student, and was able to surf without a problem. After a little poking around, I found out that the students weren't getting their proxy settings pushed out to them, something we do via Group Policies. So, it appears that when a full lab of students logs in, the Group Policies don't get applied but when I do the same thing everything works just fine.

We've upgraded from Zen4 to Zen6.5 over the last year and, of course, everything worked just fine prior to the upgrade. I deleted all of the old policy packages and recreated them just to eliminate any potential legacy issues and that hasn't helped. When a full lab logs in, they don't receive any errors. I've enabled the Zen debug logging on a couple of machines in each lab but the issue hasn't been reported since I've done that. In those logs, what am I looking for when the issue happens again? Is there something I should be looking for in the logs now?

Server - NW6.5sp4 w/Zenworks 6.5sp2
W/S - HP DX2000 w/XPsp2 - NWC491sp2 - latest ZFD Client

Any ideas??