Just trying to sort out a couple nagging issues that have been randomly happening over the last 6 months or so...right around the time we upgraded Zen4 to Zen6.5.

We'll have a user sit down at computer A and he will try and login but it will be prompted for a Windows password. That same user will then move over to computer B and will login no problem. A different user will then sit down at computer A and login just fine. Happens randomly to different computers, different users, and at different times.

Users will login without a problem. They'll start working on, let's say, a Word document. When they go to try and save their work they are given an error saying that they don't have access to where they are trying to save. By default, the application is set to save to their home directory on the server. If they try to browse to another location on the server, one that they should have rights to, they are again given the error about insufficient rights. One solution has been to login again, via the red "N" in the systray, but we either don't display the systray icon or use the NAL window as the shell on about 90% of our machines in our school district, for reasons I'm sure you all understand. Again, this is something that happens at random times, to random machines, and random users.

Servers are NW6.5sp4 with Zenworks 6.5sp2
Workstations are either HP D220, or HP DX2000 all with XPsp2 with at least NWC4.90sp2 and the latest ZFD agent.

We use DLU with volatile users in most instances and are pushing out group policies using Zen.

Anybody have any ideas?