Like several others in this forum, we can't get our iPrint drives to
push out with an zen workstation policy. We 've followed every lead
suggested, but no luck -- iprint.ini setting is 3, event is user
login, system impersonation.

We've also associated an iPrint policy with a user, although this is
not what we want to do. This does not push out, either.

We've tried on 2 trees. One tree has iPrint installed on an OES NW
server. The other tree has it installed on an OES Linux SP2 server
(new). Clients are 6.5 sp1. Just installed sp and no change. OS is
W2ksp4. In both cases, this is the first non-queue printing in the
tree, so no older NDPS configs exist. In both cases, the drivers
install properly manually via the browser

One thing we noticed -- in WM Scheduler, when checking the properties
of the iPrint policy, on the Items tab, wmnetsrv.dll is listed, but no
working directory is shown. On all the other policies, the responsible
DLL has a working directory listed. Does this mean anything? Seems
odd. It's like that DLL is not working