We have Zenworks for Desktop 6.5 installed on NW 6.5 box.
For students we had Dynamic Local User Accounts configured (Enable Dynamic
Local User, Manage existing user account (if any), Use eDirectory
creditals, Voliatile user).
Somtimes student's dynamic account created by Novell's workstation still
on workstation after user logoff.
When after some time this studen trying to login in this workstation and
password had been changed between this logins, he or she receided
notification about incorect password.
It's look like the new dynamic user account isn't created, but system try
to continue working with old one, which is remaining from previouse login
on this workstation.

Anybody knows, how I can configure dymanic account so, if old user account
always had been deleted and new one has been created due user login.

Thank you in adwance,