Good morning folks,

We're running NW 6.5 and Zenworks for Desktops 6.5. Up until now, we've been running windows 2000s on the workstations. I've experimented with XP and zenworks before but we've held off using it because I can't get it to work properly with the mandatory roaming profile.

Basically, we're a school with 2000 kids, 300 staff, 600 workstations. On the current 2000 setup we use a mandatory roaming profile where the application settings and desktop items are the same for each user - we use this in conjunction with volitile users. This works a treat and we have no problems whatsoever.

XP introduces all sorts of new problems - the roaming profile setups don't work the same because of some form of encryption which stops anyone but an authorised user from using the profile. I've tried a few suggestions - the one that I tried this morning was to use the workstation to copy the profile to another location and add everyone to the allowed users for the profile. This didn't work.

So basically what I need is a way to set up a mandatory profile where I can assign the same desktop icons and other bits and bats just like we do with win2k.

Any thoughts or ideas on this please? Obviously if someone has come across the same problem in the past I'd be very grateful for any advice you can throw my way.

Thank you very much for your time in advance,