First off im not sure if this is the right place to post this and if its
not im very sorry.

Im having some weird issues with my install of Zen 6.5 sp2 on our

1. Importing...
The workstations import but fail to create the workstation object ID.
This happens when I try the automatic import policy. But if I delete
the Workstation object and then import it useung a command promte with
zwsreg it will import fine and create the workstation ID. I have no
clue what is casuing this problem. I have checked my polices many times
and I can not find any thing wrong with them.

The next problem I have having is with my DLU's They no matter what
create a new user every time I log in even thought the policy is set to
not do that. What is weird about that is its naming the user with the
name I want but then placeing the computer name after it like
this...( This is really weird and I have no idea
what could be causeing this...any ideas?