I am in the progress of moving ZENworks into a Windows only environment
and removing NetWare.

I already have edirectory running on 2003 server and ZENworks running
on the same platform.

I now need to migrate user home directories from NetWare servers to a
microsoft windows platform. You cannot put a \\unc path into the home
directory field of a
an edirectory user object.

So what do you do?

I can think that you need to replace the logon script with a net use
\\server\share\%username and ensure all home dirs exactly match
or is there a better way. e.g. move it to a vbscript

What about the zenworks desktop policy objects, 'store roaming profile
in home directory' option. Will this continue to work if the users
home dir field is empty?

NOTE: For the moment i'm keeping the novell client, nw login scripts
although they will certainly go at some point soon. (passive mode or
zen agent only in passive mode)

What is everyone else doing - and don't say moving to oes/sles :-)

many thanks