Zenworks 6.5, Zen 6.5 agent on the local workstation.

I have been troubleshooting some issues with workstation import at several
schools. I need to import the workstations to each schools container, so I
push the registry key to the workstation for the import server IP.

I am pushing this key HKLM/SOFTWARE/Novell/ZENworks/ZENWSREG with the
string value ImportServer = x.x.x.x

I have a local admin who has tried this (upgrade from Zen 4.x to Zen 6.5)
and hasn't been able to get it to work. He has configured another registry
key, and it does seem to work.

This is the other key - HKLM/SOFTWARE/Novell/Workstation Manager/Import
Server with the value as the IP address for the import server.

I thought the ZENWSREG key was the correct key, and everything I have read
on the forum indicates this.

Any ideas why the Workstation Manager key works and the ZENWSREG key