I have a workstation policy assigned to the leaf containing all workstations.

This policy has many entrys. Some control settings, others launch things.

One of these policys is set to launch a batch file every 2 hours. It has a
policy schedule that overrides the default application policy.

My machine has been online since yesterday at 5:30pm. The last time this
policy ran was Yesterday at 9:35 pm. It has not run since.

Any ideas where to look? In WMSCHED it shows that the action properties
has it scheduled to run every day, from 00:40 to 23:00, repeat the action
every 2 hours, random dispatched. It is set to ignor the error if there is
one and reschedule. Disable after completion is off. In the policy
defenition I have set it to not terminate after runing x minutes, but in
WMSCHED it has 3 minutes set. (This normally runs 2 to 4 minutes.)