I have several issues with ZenWorks Desktop Management.
We are using ZenWorks 6.5 SP1 on the server and I have tried to use the
latest 6.5 SP2 Hotpatch 4 agent to see if that helps. Novell Client is 4.91

1) We are running Naldesk from the login script but sometimes it doesn't
load, I found the issue here: TID3727644, NALDESK or NALVIEW will not stay
in memory. That's the problem we're having, is there any fix for version

2) Can I use the ZenWorks 7 agent on the PC:s and continue to use 6.5 on the

3) We feel that logging in takes alot of time compared to a non-ZenWorks PC.
Here is our setup:

1 NetWare server storing the applications that are installed through
1 NetWare server storing the users home directories. We are using roaming
profiles and the profile is stored in the users home directory. The desktop,
my documents etc is pointed to the homedir also.
1 NetWare server running ZenWorks imaging, inventory db, ws import/removal

It takes several minutes after clicking OK on the Novell Client login dialog
before the computer is usable. First it seems to take forever before the
desktop appears, and the we have the Naldesk.exe application that is
spinning, how can I speed up the search that it's doing so the NAL-icons
appear faster?