1. Can someone explain the difference or similiarities between importing
and registering workstations?

2. We have a Labs container, inside that, we have subcontainers of
individual labs such as cntr135, rich103 etc. In the individual lab
containers, there is a user called cntr135, rich103 etc...
The app object called zenimport is located in the main labs container and
is associated with all the individual lab container users. It inserts the
import server ip address into the registry. The import policy is only
associated to the users corresponding to the individual lab containers. So
when you log in as rich103 and change the context to rich103.labs.acad.ncc,
the workstation imports. In the workstation import policy, the Limits Tab
was set to 1.

Logging in the first time as rich 103, the zenimport app runs, and the W/S
object appears in it's respected container. When we look at ziswin, the
NETBIOS name, the Workgroup and the Windows SID are populated. The
Workstation Tree is populated however, the W/S Object and the W/S Object ID
is not.

I "think" we have figured out that we need to login in more times than what
the Limits Tab is set to in the Import Policy.

Am I correct in thinking that the W/S Object and W/S Object ID need to be
populated in the Image Safe Data for anyything to work correctly?

OR - can/should an app object be able to be deployed to a user that logs
into a workstation that is not imported?

ALSO...another issue we've just discovered is that the W/S Object and W/S
Object IDs can be populated but when we restart and log in as another user,
that info is gone. How might this info disappear?