hi all,

we have nw65sp3 with zen65sp2. for a few weeks now we are having a very
frustrating problem
with the import service, untill that time every thing was working like a
charme. nothing changed on
the servers but for some reason it doesn't recognise the import policy
anymore. all of the other policies
in the server policy work as they should. the zenwsimp.log gives the

Sep 4, 2006 10:00:42 AM [Root exception is
com.novell.service.jncp.NDSException: ccode = -602
(0xfffffda6)]com.novell.java.security.LoginException: Login failed.
Sep 4, 2006 10:00:42 AM No import policy found.

on some off our servers however it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't...

we have disabled, deleted and recreated the policy, replaced some java files
(zen install sometimes
overwrites with older versions), reinstalled the import/removal services,
installed the latest patches
(including the interim release 1 from last saterday) but nothing seems to
solve it...

i have attached some of the logs, the zenwsimp_gln is a server where it
doesn't work at all, the zenwsimp_htn is a server where it sometimes works.
the others are workstationlogs.

Mariette Vogelaar