I need to implement a script that runs at shutdown on 2 labs in our
main office. I know that I can set this using Group Policy. My
question is, I already have policies associated with the container that
the group resides in. If I create a new group policy and apply it to
the workstation group, will it override the container policy where the
users reside? Or, if anyone knows a better way for me to do this, let
me know.

Basically, I have contextless logins associated with user containers at
each site. When those users come to the main office and use our
training lab, it sets the contextless login to search their old site.
The next time the computer reboots, the local context is replaced by
that of the last user. I figured if I run a regkey on shutdown that
sets it back, everything will be ok. Can I do this using a ZEN app, or
is the group policy my only option?