Hi. I have tried to find a solution, without any luck: The hope rely on you:
The user profile folder is left at the workstation after the user logout.
The zenworks DLU are supposed to remove them when a user logout, right? Or
does this only remove the USER? The problem seem to have appeared earlier in
some client versions, but I have had this problem constantly fo at least a
ear now, with different client versions. After a while there are hundreds of
profile folders at the Workstation, many named "user.ws.001", ...002 and so
on. Tried to apply "no offline" files settings in group policy without
success. Could this have any connection to that the workstation logs the
user out before it "save settings"?

Win XP sp1
NTFS file system.
client 491sp2
zenworks 6.5 sp1, also 6.5 sp1 agent on WS.
Using Zen policy with DLU and user group policy.
users are "Users" or "priviligied Users" at workstation.
nw65sp5 upd1