I'm having trouble with the synchronised pass through login feature of the
management agent on a windows xp only machine.
I get the windows login first ok

login with
username amd password of test

then the desktop management agent pops up
with test as the username.

I have an account in edir setup as
test.K8000.GP.NHI and I cannot login unless i use this as the username

I've followed these instructions below from the dminstall.pdf
Can anyone suggest whats wrong or what i can do to troubleshoot


Synchronized Pass through Login

If you want the user to never see a Novell login dialog box, or in other
words, to "pass through"

the Desktop Management Agent and authenticate to the location of ZENworks
files, you should

first make sure that the user's local workstation credentials are the same
as the eDirectory

credentials. This is also called "passive mode" login.

If this synchronization is ready, then the authentication happens like this:

1. The user enters his or her local Windows logon credentials at the Windows
login dialog.

2. The Desktop Management Agent, although not visible, passes the Windows

credentials to the Middle Tier Server,

3. The Middle Tier Server checks the credentials against eDirectory users,
and authenticates to

eDirectory if there is a match.

4. The user is authenticated to eDirectory, which points to policy files
that can be passed to the

workstation where the user is logged in.

To configure the Desktop Management Agent for pass through authentication,
simply do not

deselect the options in the Workstation Manager Settings dialog box that are
selected by default in

the Desktop Management Agent installation. For more information, see
"Customizing the Agent

Login" on page 136.

If the user logs in to Windows with credentials that are not valid in
eDirectory, a Novell Desktop

Management Agent login dialog is displayed.