We have both Windows 2003 AD and ZEN 6.5 SP1 in our environment. I am
trying to put together our Group Policy Infrastructure for Windows XP
SP2 Workstation Environment. The documentation from Novell says to use
a Windows XP workstation to edit the Windows XP Group Policies. That is
fine, but quite a substantial number of Group Policies we want to use
are not visible in the "Local Policy" MMC.

How do I view and integrate the "Domain" group policies (e.g., wireless
settings, firewall settings, SUS settings, restricted groups settings,
etc.) that I can see in the GPMC for our domain, but I cannot see when
developing from a Windows XP workstation? Is there a documented way to
develop the Policies in GPMC and then import them into ZEN? There has
got to be a simpler way to do this...

I have seen the TID on folder redirection, but I am more looking for the
whole ball of wax or at least most of it...