We are trying to push out a wallpaper to PCs on campus.
We created a user policy, and under XP, checked the Windows Desktop
Preferences box.
Clicked Properties, Desktop Preferences, Settings, Display.
Checked Wallpaper, set the Path and Filename to
Set Path and Filename to download from to \\NCC\.Zenacad\Installs\Student

Under Trustees of this Object, we added a user.Under Rights to Files and
Folders, we gave Read and File Scan rights to the Volume and File/Folder
where the .bmp is kept.

So...we log onto a PC with as the user we specified. The screen turns blue
(like the color when you remote control). The wallpaper.bmp is downloaded
to C:\WINDOWS...wallpaper.bmp.
When we right click on desktop->properties->desktop, wallpaper is in the
list and highlighted but the preview is just a blue screen.

We have also tried to make a simple app. We specified the wallpaper.bmp and
added the registry settings in HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop.
But the same thing happens.
It looks like everything gets downloaded and changed but nothing actually
switches the background.
We are using Zen 6.5 SP2 with 4.91 SP2 Client and App Launcher is

Any ideas?