We are using ZFD 6.5sp2 server and agents (ZFDAgent.msi dated 09/09/2005 )
but have several problems including

The agent itself not being distributed to all machines using NAL or login
script ,policies not applying consistently.unable tor run post
distribution scripts etc.

We are using this command line for NAL distribution

msiexec /i "\\Avzen\Zendata\ZenAppls\zfd651bma\ZfDAgent.m si" /qn /norestart

and as a script if the above NAL distribution fails

REGREAD "HKLM,SOFTWARE\Novell\Workstation Manager,Registration Agent"
IF "%99" <> "zenwsreg.dll" THEN
@msiexec /i "\\Avzen\Zendata\ZenAppls\zfd65sp2a\ZfDAgent.m si" /qn /noresta
rt zenworks_tree=ecanet


but still there are some pcs that still donot get the agent.Do you see
any errors here ?

Where can we get an updated version of zfdagent.msi ?