I am trying to set up a user nag screen to encourage deliquent users to
fill out their timesheets. By design this will only run as required. I
have set up a scheduled task in my user policy to run this. Problem is
that I have users who do not log out every day and when "they" decide
someone needs to be reminded to fill out their timesheet, "they" want it
to happen now.

How can I get wmsched to refresh on its own?

I found an old post about using ZENworks Desktop Management Agent Policy
in the workstation policy. I have trned this on and set the edir refresh
to 15 minutes. I have a fairly small tree, ~40 users, so am not too
worried about increased traffic - I would be satisfied with a 1 hour
refresh if it was working. I am not clear if this requires the middle
tier to work. I did not have a middle tier so I set one up and specified
the address as well. This is still not refreshing.

Am I on the right track here?