I don't think you can do this with DLU's, but it never hurts to ask...

We have a static local user account on all computers in our labs
(cleverly called "LocalUser"). Currently we use Auto Admin Logon to log
NDS users into the local machine with this account.

We would like to begin using DLU's, and in our tests it all seems to
work fine...except.

We don't want permanent accounts on the hard drives (they will be lost
with reboot anyway), and we are trying to avoid adding any time to the
login process.

If the LocalUser account is already there, the boot is very fast.
However, Zens DLU deletes the account on log out, and the next user to
log in has to wait for the local user to be rebuilt.

I believe this is operating "as designed" (when we enable DLU's, tell
zens to manage an existing user, and specify LocalUser as the user, Zens
turns this into a volatile account by default, and erases the account on

Is there any way to get DLU's to work by managing a local user which is
NOT volatile. In otherwords to make it NOT delete the LocalUser profile
on logout?

Thanks for any ideas.