I am running on the workstation with Groupwise 6.5 , client 4.91SP2 and ZFD agent on windows XP Pro SP2.

Befor I install the agent the workstations works well and I dont have problems with USB devices. After installing the agent I import the workstation to the server and thats when the problem starts.

When I open my computer I will see that there are network drives listed on the window.

Then if I plug the usb devices it takes the drive letter of the network drive but when I double click to open it, it shows the files that are on the network drive.

Then for me to be able to access the usb device, I must first disconnect the network drive. then I will be able to view files inside usb device.

The main problem is that though I disconnect the network drives, the next time I restart the PC they are there again and I have to do the same long procedure again inorder to access usb devices.

Please help me if you know of any solution