Ever since December 28th the Profiles are not saved to the network
anymore. There supposed to be saved to the users home directory. I checked
the existing policy's and most where updated for the last time on December
the 28th. We can't think of anything that changed in that time but to be
sure we tested the policy's from an old backup. We also upgraded some
workstations to sp2 of the Novell client. But it doesn't matter if users
log in with sp1, 2 or 3.

During that period the certificates where expired. So back then we created
new ones and restarted all servers. The new certificates seem to work fine.

There isn't a disk space problem and users have all the rights on there
home directory.

In the user policy DLU is turned on in the XP part. Volatile is turned off.

When I log in with a user and type SET in a DOS box I see that the
profile value is set to c:\Documents and Settings\NetworkService. I
thought that should be c:\Documents and Settings\Username. I can't seem to
find where to check/change this... If necessary.