We are a Novell shop running novell netware 6.5sp5, Metaframe
Presentation Server v3.0 r03 running on a Windows server 2003 server with
the novell client 4.91sp2, Zenworks 6.5sp2 desktop management client and
a Citrix Web Interface 4.0 server providing access to the environment
(all servers located in our NY location). We have NDS alias accounts
setup in our NY container for outer office users who need to connect to
Citrix (so that their Citrix session does not try to connect to their
home office server, rather it will connect to the NY Novell server.

The problem is when an alias account tries to login for the first time,
Zenworks DLU does not create the local account on the Windows box.
However, If the user account is a true NDS user account in the NY
container (not an alias), the DLU account is created successfully.

I have read several documents saying that this scenario should work fine
and others that say that Zenworks does not support alias accounts.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem?