Greetings all,

We are slowly working to implement DLU in our network environment.
For most of our users, DLU will work out great. We have a few users
though that I'm not sure how DLU will work. We have some sales guys
that do not visit a regional office very frequently and instead
connect via a software VPN on their laptop to gain access. Of course
in this situation they need to log on to the laptop first before they
can start the VPN, which of course defeats the purpose of DLU.

We have worked out the details of logging them on locally without any
issue. Where the real question comes in is if they log on as
workstation only, connect up with the VPN, and then login to Novell,
will any portion of their account be updated via DLU from the server?
For instance, if we make a change to the "users" group policies to add
or remove something, will this ever get pushed down to the users
profile on the laptop if they don't originally sign in with
workstation only? We also want these to be volatile accounts that are
removed from the workstation after maybe a month or so, in order to
help with security (ie. if the laptop is lost.) If they sign on via
DLU every day, we don't need to worry about their account getting
deleted. However, if they sign on via workstation only, then the VPN,
then the Novell client, will this be enough to tell the Zen agent to
reset the counter on the volatile account?

Any help or experience with these types of issues would be greatly
appreciated. We really want to centrally manage these accounts, but
at this time I just don't see how it will be possible.