Hello. My IT shop is looking at updating our ZENWorks 6.5 (no SP) client
to the latest 6.5 SP2 IR1. While testing the updated client, I've found
that certain applications will reinstall every time they are launched.
These certain applications are built so that the icon the end-user runs is
a NAL object that runs the executable for the software. This run object
is dependent on another NAL object which calls the setup.exe or an .MSI or
any other number of install methods which actually installs the software.
Under ZEN 6.5, the first time the icon is double-clicked, the setup object
is launched, automatically installs, and then the run object launches the
program. Upon subsequent double-clicks, the software would just launch
without running the application dependency. Under ZEN 6.5 SP2 IR1, every
time the icon for the Run object is double-clicked, the object it has for
an application dependency launches, completes the automated setup, and
then the icon runs. EVERY time. And it doesn't matter if it's assigned
by workstation or user. It appears that the Application Dependency is
going throguh the pre-launch script, the run line, and the post-launch
script, whereas before it would only behave this way if you Verified the
run object. I'm not sure if the ZENWorks server is running SP2. Has
anybody else out there run into this? Is this behavior by design under