Hey all,

I've been running into issues at a single site in a WAN-connected school

We have 1 tree with eDirectory on all servers and no errors via
the health checks, DSREPAIR, etc.

The bottom line is this:

If I make a new administrator policy package and enable DLU (under the
XP policy section) and hit the Properties button, I get the error shown
in my screenshot here:


Now this only happens with ZENworks which is why I posted it here
instead of the eDirectory forums. I can post there if it's recommended
instead of here but wanted to ask you guys first. Version of ZEN is 6.5.

I have deleted the policy, recreated, used DSBROWSE -A to remove all old
entries of the policy... (as I noticed it was left behind on a few
occasions, even with plenty of time to be cleaned up on its own) This is
the only site this happens at right now.

We had one problem with this school in the past where Novell said there
was an eDirectory problem and had to come in with their programmers
remotely to fix the issue. I can't help but think it could be a similar
situation, but we'll see.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.