Netware 6.5 SP6, ZEN 6.5, ZEN agent that came with 6.5 and latest 4.9 SP4
Got DLU working after deleting GPExtensions keys in windows registry (I
think that fixed it). I logged in as several different usets several
times. DLU working fine. Then I imaged the machine to 30 other systems
AND without testing the newly imaged systems I then continued to edit my
policy, adding Windows Group Policy (downloaded ADM from MS and edited to
secure the computers).
So two things changed and something broke DLU or policies from coming down
to machines:
1. imaged the systems (ZEN imaging)
2. added Windows Group Policy.

Now I hope the imaging didn't break anything. I also hope adding the
Group Policy didn't screw things up either, but something did. The DLU is
not working.
Any ideas where to look.