I 'm Jack from China Novell SE Team and now i am faced with a big
problem with a ZFD 65 project. I created two Simple App objects using
ZWSREG.exe(first 'zwsreg -unreg' then 'zenwsreg -importserver zenwsimport'
commands via relative app path %programfiles% ) and runing as system
user(because the client user logged in does not have administrative rights
over local machine ) to import the workstation object into nds
automatically, but it seems not working very well. The remote contorl
function over workstation object is abnormal and reports an Error:"1456: The
agent failed to read information from the eDirectory Server. Verify that the
workstation object is valid and the Middle Tier server is up and running.".
I 've found out that the imported workstation object does not have enough
right information such as workstation's network address and logged user
history. I believe that is the problem. Could u show me the reason,please?
In other words, could u show me a productive policy to fulfil AWI object
in an AD environment ??? Some other instructions are also preferred. Thanks
very much. My EMail is jliu@novellservice.com .