I'm having some difficulties with zen 6.5 remote control. Maybe it is me
missing something, maybe not?

I have my workstation imported to eDir. I haven't rolled this out to the
other PC's yet. This is just my test box... When I am logged into my test
box with eDir Admin and the Local Administrator of Windows, I can
control/view just fine from ConsoleOne. When I am logged in as Admin(eDir)
and a standard user in Windows, I can't control it. ConsoleOne tells me,
"1802: This operation is currently unavailable on the target machine."
However, when I'm logged into the PC with a standard user(eDir) and local
admin (windows) I still doesn't work. I have both user/workstation policy
packages setup. I want to use eDirectory authentication instead of
password authentication.

Anybody have any thoughts????? Thanks!