For some reason when the "Novell ZfD Remote Management" Service is set to
automatic the Service status is "Starting" or in developer speak "Start
Pending." This not only prevents you from uninstalling the Management
Agent, but it also prevent you from using it. Anyway, When this service is
set to Manual and the box is rebooted, the service as expected comes up
with no status or "Stopped" and you can start the service manually and it
starts correctly and goes to "Started" Status. You can stop it and start
it with no errors, but if you set it back to Automatic and reboot the box,
the service comes up in Starting Status again and never switches to
started status. Also, there is not just one instance of this, in fact many
if not all of our Workstations are like this and it seems to have
something to do with Windows XP Service Pack 2, based on the timing of
this occuring.

The RMErrorLog0.txt shows the Following when it fails:

#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : Resource DLL is successfully
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : Port value read from file = 1761
and it will be used as the RM Communication port
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : Loading : D:\Program
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : Loading : D:\Program
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : ZENNDSUtil: Successfully loaded
dependent modules...
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : LoadZenAutilLibraryAndGetProc:
Successfully loaded ZenAutil.dll and its dependent DLLs
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : ZenRem32.exe : ZenRem32ServiceMain
() successfully loaded Zenlite DLL
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Critical : Failed to write the header
information in RCAICIP.HST GetLastError(): 6
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : ZENNDSUtil: Attempting to read
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : Failed to open
HKLM\Software\Novell\Workstation Manager\Identification\Workstation Object
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : ZENUtil:
ZENIsWorkstationRegistered: wsDN = ''
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : Workstation not registered
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : ZENNDSUtil: Finished reading
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal : ZENNDSUtil: Unloaded modules...
#(2032)# 1:43:29 PM 09/02/04 Normal :
UnLoadZenAutilLibrary :Successfully unloaded ZenAutil.dll
#(2032)# 1:44:56 PM 09/02/04 Normal : Got message from Zentray.exe


Showing as you can see that for some reason it is unable to write to a
file during startup. I have deleted the file and brought the service up
manually and it recreated it. I have set full permissions to it to any
user and that dosen't seem to help. I have reinstalled the Management
Agent Several times, along with removing the Client, NetIdentity, NICI,
NMAS and reinstalling them just to see if there is a conflict or
corruption, no change.

Anybody have any ideas why this would be and/or how it can be fixed?