This subject has been beaten to death but I'm throwing another one out
there. Ok I've looked at the four or five apps that people have written out
there for RC wo ConsoleOne and all have their shortcomings so I wrote my own
in The problem I have is you really aren't doing this without
ConsoleOne. I mean you still have to have a lot of the pieces even if you
are using your own interface. Specifically desktop4.exe, an ancient version
of Java, a slew of jar files, and some dll's.

My question: Where can I find a list of files that are required to use
Remote Control, Remote View, Wakeup, Diagnostics, File Transfer and Remote
Execute (don't really care about the inventory stuff). I mean the Zenworks
programming team has NEVER released any programming information and they
still make us suck that bloatware known as ConsoleOne. My current
ConsoleOne install is 200MB and a cut down version for what I'm trying to do
still weighs in at 50MB (RC and RV don't work because it says incompatible
agent version the other 3 functions work). Just a simple document or even a
download for Remote Control wo ConsoleOne! If you've got a link or can
send a Zenworks Engineer a request for a file listing the required files
that would be AWESOME!