I have noticed that over the last week that the workstations in my
workstations container have been returning a 1489 error code when trying
to remote them using directory authentication. Password based works great.

The exact message is as follows "1489: The workstation is not imported
to the tree. The directory mode of authentication is unavailable."

We are using 2 applications to register workstations and REG and UNREG

The REG app first calls the UNREG app through an App Dependency then
proceeds to run itself to reregister the workstation.

in order as follows:

ZWSREG -unreg

Everything in the debug on the server console looks great. The ZWSREG
-importserver SERVERNAME executes and the debug screen sees the call to
register and sees that a workstation already exists in edir and returns
a message that it will use the workstation that already exists in that

The reason we have been doing the unreg and the reg is because we name
workstaion by the ComputerName and OSVERSION. So if a COMPUTERNAME
changes (PC is reissued) we can capture that change and we instantly get
the newly renamed workstation object in the directory.

This has been working flawlessly since ZFD4 was first released but once
we started calling ZWSREG (Ver 6.5) from the local workstation EXE we
have noticed the 1489 errors.

Any ideas????