I am deploying new XP image on our workstations. the workstation is
imported properly into the tree. For some reason, the workstations will
not attach properly to the main tree and allow remote management. In the
registry, the perferred connection is set to the local NBO server, and
not the main server back in the home office. I also have the CL32
properties preferred server & preferred tree set for the main server, and
not the local NBO. I can change the ip back and restart the NOVELL ZFD
remote management service, and it will connect, but if I reboot the PC,
the preferred server switches back to the local NBO and I have no
connection to the remote pcs. What do I have to do in order for the
perferred server to stay at the correct IP and not the NBO. I have the
tree command in the login script to attach the user to the main tree, but
that doesn't resolve the issue.