Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP2 (managing or being managed doesn't matter)
Novell Client 4.9 SP2 with Update A
ZENworks Desktop Management 6.5 SP1 agent
Holger Dopp's ZENworks Workstation Browser 4.01 (Rev. B)

We receive the 1487 RM error with any workstation that has been upgraded from ZFD 3.2 SP3
components to the ZDM 6.5 SP1 agent using ZENworks Workstation Browser. ConsoleOne with
6.5 SP1 plug-ins works just fine.
We're using registry data in ZENWSREG to point to specific import policies. Many of which
were already ZFD 3.2 workstation imported objects...

"ImportPolicy"="Server Package:General:Workstation Import.OU.OU.OU.O"


On our single import server we do see the following error on the console/import screen
during an initial reboot after upgrading to the new agent...
"Mar 10, 2005 XX:YY:ZZ TT Could not get the workstation ID.WORKSTATIONOBJECT.OU.OU.OU.O"
Subsequent reboots of said workstation show no activity in the import console which
suggests (at least to me) that the policy and workstation are satisfied with the
workstation object.

"Could not get the workstation ID" on Workstation Import screen

Unreg and re-registering manually with zwsreg does not resolve.
We also receive this error after removing the workstation object using C1 with ZDM 6.5 SP1
plug-ins and allowing it to re-import during system startup.

I don't think this is the case-sensitivity issue as stated in the TID below as the
registry Identification key data, import policy itself, and containers all use upper-case
and ConsoleOne works without issue. Though in Workstation Browser it shows that the
containers are all in lower-case...

1487 Error when doing a Remote Control

If this is another case-sensitivity issue but now in Workstation Browser and aside from
asking Holger, does anyone have any suggestions?

Any input is appeciated.


Tony Pedretti
TransUnion Corporation